在使用Lemonade网站做基础商业研究的过程中, it was accidentally discovered that Lemonade’s site contains an unforgivably negligent security flaw that potentially exposes its customers’ personally identifiable information.


本网站上的报告是由浑水公司(Muddy Waters)编写的, 或Muddy Waters Capital LLC(“Muddy Waters Capital”). We refer to 五大电子游戏平台 and Muddy Waters Capital collectively as “Muddy Waters” and individually these entities are referred to as a “Muddy Waters Entity”. 每个报告指定该报告的发布者和所有者. 所有报告仅供参考. 在任何情况下,本报告中的任何报告或任何信息都不应被视为投资建议, 或作为出售或招揽购买任何证券或其他金融工具的要约.

五大电子游戏平台 is an online research publication that produces due diligence-based reports on publicly traded securities, Muddy Waters Capital LLC是一家在美国注册的投资顾问公司.S. 美国证券交易委员会. 这些报告属于发布该报告的适用Muddy Waters实体的财产. 本网站为五大电子游戏平台公司所有. 的观点, information and reports set forth herein are solely attributable to the applicable Muddy Waters Entity and are not attributable to any Muddy Waters Related Person (defined below) (other than the applicable Muddy Waters Entity).

从本网站下载或浏览资料,即表示您同意以下使用条款. 您同意,使用本网站上的研究成果的风险由您自行承担. 您(或任何您作为代理人的人)同意持有无害的五大电子游戏平台, Muddy Waters Capital及其附属公司和关联方, 包括, 但不限于任何委托人, 军官, 董事, 员工, 成员, 客户, 投资者, 顾问和代理人(集体), the “Muddy Waters Related Persons”) for any direct or 间接 损失 (包括 trading 损失) attributable to any information on this website or in a research report. You further agree to do your own research and due diligence before making any investment decision with respect to securities of the issuers covered herein (each, a “Covered Issuer”) or any other financial instruments that reference the Covered Issuer or any securities issued by the Covered Issuer. 你表示你有足够的投资经验来批判性地评估信息, 对本网站的分析和意见. You further agree that you will not communicate the contents of reports and other materials on this site to any other person unless that person has agreed to be bound by these 使用条款. 如果你访问这个网站, 请自行下载或接收本网站报告或其他资料的内容, 您同意并应受本使用条款的约束. 如果你访问这个网站, 代理他人下载或接收本网站报告或其他材料的内容, 你将约束你的委托人遵守这些使用条款.

你应该假设, 截至浑水公司报告发布之日, 浑水相关人员(可能与其成员一起或通过其成员), 合作伙伴, 子公司, 员工, 和/或顾问), Muddy Waters Related Persons 客户 and/or 投资者 and/or their 客户 and/or 投资者 have a position (long or 短) in one or more of the securities of a Covered Issuer (and/or options, 掉期交易, 以及与一种或多种此类证券相关的其他衍生品), and therefore stand to realize significant gains in the event that the prices of either equity or debt securities of a Covered Issuer decline or appreciate. 五大电子游戏平台, Muddy Waters Capital and/or the Muddy Waters Related Persons intend to continue transacting in the securities of Covered Issuers for an indefinite period after an initial report on a Covered Person, 这样的人可能会很长, 短, or neutral at any time hereafter regardless of their initial position and views as stated in the research report published by 五大电子游戏平台 or Muddy Waters Capital. Neither 五大电子游戏平台 nor Muddy Waters Capital will update any report or information on its website to reflect changes in positions that may be held by a Muddy Waters Related Person.

这不是一个出售或邀请购买任何证券的要约. 五大电子游戏平台公司(五大电子游戏平台)和任何浑水相关人士(包括浑水资本(Muddy Waters Capital))都没有提供, 通过本网站或本网站的报告向或从任何人出售或购买任何证券. 五大电子游戏平台隶属于Muddy Waters Capital. Muddy Waters Capital是一家美国投资顾问公司.S. 并没有在任何其他司法管辖区注册为投资顾问. Muddy Waters Capital does not render investment advice to anyone unless it has an investment adviser-client relationship with that person evidenced in writing. You understand and agree that Muddy Waters Capital does not have any investment advisory relationship with you or does not owe fiduciary duties to you. 提供投资建议需要了解自己的财务状况, 投资目标, 和风险承受能力, 而浑水资本对你却一无所知.

如果你在英国, you confirm that you are accessing research and materials as or on behalf of: (a) an investment professional falling within Article 19 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 (the “FPO”); or (b) high net worth entity falling within Article 49 of the FPO (each a “Permitted Recipient”). 与联合王国有关, 本网站的研究和材料只发布给, 并且只针对, 获准接收人及, 在不影响本使用条款中列出的任何其他限制或警告的情况下, persons who are not Permitted Recipients must not act or rely on the information contained in any of the research or materials on this website.

本网站提供的研究和报告仅表达适用的浑水实体的意见. 报告是根据一般可得的资料编制的, 实地研究, 通过适用的浑水实体的尽职调查和分析过程进行推断和推断. 以适用的浑水实体的能力和信念, 本表格所载资料均准确可靠, 并已从适用的浑水实体认为准确可靠的公共来源获得, 并不是所涵盖发行人的内部人士或关联人士,或可能负有受托责任的人, (直接或间接)对承保发行人的保密义务或任何其他义务. 然而, 这些信息是按“原样”呈现的,没有任何担保, 无论是明示的还是默示的. 五大电子游戏平台他们各自的研究报告, 五大电子游戏平台公司(五大电子游戏平台)和浑水资本公司(Muddy Waters Capital)没有提供任何代表, 明示或默示, 至于准确性, 及时性, 或任何此类信息的完整性,或五大电子游戏平台使用这些信息所获得的结果. 此外,这个网站上的任何报告都包含大量的分析和意见. 所有意见的表达均可随时更改,恕不另行通知, and neither 五大电子游戏平台 nor Muddy Waters Capital undertakes to update or supplement any reports or any of the information, 其中所载的分析和意见.

在任何情况下,五大电子游戏平台公司均不得, Muddy Waters Capital或任何Muddy Waters关联方应对任何索赔承担责任, 损失, 任何形式的费用或损害, 包括直接, 间接, 惩罚性, 模范, 偶然的, 特殊或, 间接的损害赔偿, 因本网站的任何资讯而产生或以任何方式与本网站的任何资讯有关. 本责任限制适用于五大电子游戏平台的任何过失或重大过失, 浑水资本或任何浑水相关人士. 您接受依赖本网站信息的所有风险.

您同意本网站的信息受版权保护, 因此,您同意不分发此信息(无论下载的文件, 复制/图像/复制, 或这些文件的链接)以外的任何方式,提供以下链接:http://www.readyyoufresh.com/research/. If you have obtained research published by 五大电子游戏平台 or Muddy Waters Capital in any manner other than by download from that link, 如果您不访问该链接并同意使用条款,您可能不会阅读此类研究. You further agree that any dispute between you and 五大电子游戏平台 and its 子公司 arising from or related to this report and / or the 五大电子游戏平台 website or viewing the material hereon shall be governed by the laws of the State of 加州, 不考虑任何冲突的法律规定. You knowingly and independently agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in San Francisco, 并放弃你对其他司法管辖区或适用法律的权利, 因为五大电子游戏平台公司及其附属公司的总部设在旧金山, 加州. The failure of 五大电子游戏平台 or Muddy Waters Capital to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these 使用条款 shall not constitute a waiver of this right or provision. 您同意,每个浑水关联人都是本使用条款的第三方受益人. 如果本使用条款的任何规定被有管辖权的法院裁定无效, the parties nevertheless agree that the court should endeavor to give effect to the parties’ intentions as reflected in the provision and rule that the other provisions of these 使用条款 remain in full force and effect, 特别是五大电子游戏平台本适用法律和管辖权条款. 你同意,无论任何法令或法律的相反, any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to this website or the material on this website must be filed within one (1) year after the occurrence of the alleged harm that gave rise to such claim or cause of action, 否则这样的诉讼请求或理由将永远被禁止.